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Satin bag

Satin fabric is typically with a glossy surface and a dull back. It is very similar with Chinese silk. However, most satin fabrics are made from polyester, so the price is much cheaper than silk. Due to its good softness and fine drape, satin fabric is applied to lingeries,lining, bags and home textile.

Because of its elegant apperance and competitive price, we usually take it to make gift bags, cosmetics pouches, wedding favors and coin purses.

We could customize satin bags with different sizes and print your personalized logo. With good color fasteness for the satin fabric, it could be dyed with various of colours. So you could customize the bags as the color you like.

The following pictures are our customers' cases.

1. Double satin drawstring bag, it is made of soft and heavy two layers satin fabrics. It is used for cosmetics organizer. 

2. The following small satin pouch is made of red satin fabric. Red is a very lucky color in Chinese tradition. It is customized for candy package or wedding favors. 

3. The following simple and fashionable satin purse is also made of double satin fabrics. Equiped with both zipper and button,together with seam binding process, the pouch is more durable. It could be used for jewelries organizer or coin purse. 

4.The following satin wedding favors is a very european style satin bag. The organza decoration and bling golden silk ribbon makes the pouch very elegant. It is perfect for goodies packing or other gifts. 

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