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Are non woven bags eco-friendly or not?

Are non woven bags eco-friendly or not?

Nowadays, non woven bags are widely used in our daily life. You could view it at every aspect, from clothes package to free giveaways. It also has a attractive theme” eco-friendly”. Are non woven bags really eco-friendly or not?

Just like every coin has two sides, non woven fabric bags also has two features.

According to statistics,the average person uses over 355 plastic throw away shopping bags a year. While, plastic bags can hardly natural decomposition in a short period of time. So it is a heavy burden to planet. Most non woven bags are made of durable polyethylene. It could be used for many times. The laminated non woven bags are even waterproof. Just clean it with wipe when it is dirty and could be used again. A high quality non woven shopping bag could be used for 2 to 3 months or even longer. So from this aspect, the non woven bags are eco-friendly for sure.

However, the essential component for non woven fabric is polyethylene, a kind of extraction from petroleum. Manufacturing polyethylene non woven bag needs consume a lot of petroleum resources. Though it could be recycled, the outside environment for recycling should be very strict.Undoubtedly, it increased the cost for recycling. Besides, the time for material breaking down is also long. So from material aspect, the non woven bag is not so eco-friendly.

Even though it has some disadvantages, we still love colorful non woven bags. At least, it is reusable bag and makes a big difference. 


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