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The difference between satin fabric and imitated silk

We usually use satin fabric and imitated silk fabric to make pouch. Here how to distinguish satin fabric and imitated silk. The following features maybe could help you.

Satin fabric is a type of cloth with a smooth shiny surface. It is mainly made from polyester. Because satin fabric is not natural silk, many features could be processed by humans. For example, it could be dyed with many kinds of bright colors. Softness and good glossness together with many colors to choose, it could meet demands of many products such as gift pouch, silk ribbon, bed cover.

Imitated silk is a kind of fabric like silk, but not natural silk. No matter from softness and glossness, imitated silk is better than satin fabric. On the other hand, imitated silk would be more breathable. That is why it is usually used for nightdress making.

However, both satin fabric and imitated silk are all colorfast and not shrink easily compared with natural silk. The products of satin and imitated silk could be reusable. Of course, the requirements on the washing condition would be not so strictly.

The following two pictures would offer you a direct feeling of the difference.

The first one is a satin hair extension pouch which is made of satin fabric.

The second one is imitated silk gift pouch which is made of imitated silk.


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