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Choose a good clothes organizer bag when travelling

Choose a good clothes organizer bag when travelling


Do you want your luggage in a mesh and find personal stuffs everywhere when travelling? Of course not, that’s why there are so many varieties of organizer bags on the market to cater for different customers. The widely used bags are transparent pvc bag and different fabrics organizer bag.


PVC bags with its waterproof feature and attractive price are loved by many people. However, the pvc material is not so eco-friendly and couldn’t be used for a long time.


Here i would like to introduce one high quality double suede and satin organizer bag.


The bag is made of two layers fabrics,high quality suede(velvet) outside and high density soft thick satin inside. The size could be personalized as your request. The color could be also chosen as you like including outside fabric and inner fabric. The metal silver zipper and logo puller could be customized specially for you. It is totally different from the nylon zipper. With good weight capacity and elegant appearance. Both outside suede fabric and inner satin fabric, the sewing is very intensive and neat. Compared with pvc bags, this pouch material is breathable, very eco-friendly and could be reusable.


The pouch is perfect for storaging clothes, underwears, panties when traveling.  You won’t be in trouble for finding stuffs everywhere anymore.

Of course, it could be also perfect for product promotion if you are selling luxury items. 


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