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How to choose a good quality organza gift bag

Organza is a transparent or semi-transparent gauze fabric. It is exquisite, graceful and colorful. So it becomes more and more favored by wedding designer. We could find it from wedding flower arch door, wedding dress to wedding favor gift bags. Organza fabric makes the wedding more luxury and immortal. Of course, we expect our wedding perfect. So any details is important, including small gift bags for guest.

Here we would like to share how to choose a good quality organza gift bag.

1. Check from the organza fabric’s density. There are different densities for the fabric, 25woven, 28woven, 38woven, 40woven for example. The higher density, the more delicate of the bag. High density organza gift bags looks more smooth and silky. And also the color would be more brighter. So that is why some organza bags looks elegant and luxury while others looks stiff. The secret is the density of the organza fabric. Thus, the price of the high density fabric is higher than that of the common ones.

We could make a comparison from the following two pictures. The left one is high density 40 woven fabric and the right one is common 28 woven fabric. It is obviously that the left one is more soft and brighter.

2. Check from the workmanship. It includes cropping and sewing. Here we have to refer one disadvantage of organza fabric. It is rough selvedge phenomenon. When the quality of the fabric is not good enough, this phenomenon would be worse. So it is very crucial for cropping process. This step could test whether the bag is good both from the workmanship and the fabric. On the other hand, sewing should be taken into consideration. We could check whether the sewing line is neat. And dropping stitch is not allowed. Please check the following organza envelope bag as a reference.

The sewing process for the left one is very exquisite. However, it is too rough for the right one to spread it out smoothly.

The above way is very easy for us to check the quality of the bags. Hope it is useful for you.


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