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Easy way to make a cotton drawstring bag

Small fabric pouch is very useful in our daily life.For example, it could be used as underwear storage bag, organizer bag, shoes dust bag. Of course, the fabric of the bag could be different as personalized favor. Cotton, satin, velvet, organza are several usual ones. Each fabric has its own advantages. Cotton fabric is durable and eco-friendly. So it is widely used in gift package and promotional purpose. Satin fabric is silky, beautiful and light. We usually use it as small gift package. Velvet fabric is luxury and protective. It is usually used in jewelry package. Organza fabric is transparent and graceful. So you could find it in wedding for candy package bag.

Here we introduce an easy way to make a beautiful and multi-functional cotton drawstring bag.

Step1. Prepare the cotton lining and embroidery organza sheer based on the following size.

Step2. Put the sheer on the middle of the lining and sewing along the edges.

Step3. Fold the cloth lengthwise and sewing along the red line.

Step4. Put the pouch from inside to outside

Step5. Stuff the extra lining into the pouch and make it smooth. Then the pouch becomes two layers.

Step6. Ironing the whole pouch.

Step7. Draw two lines according to the reserved hole.

Step8.Stitch along the lines.

Step9. Use the thread mark to handle strings.

Step10. Tie the strings.

Step11. Finished the beautiful cotton drawstring bag.

If someone who wants to know how to choose a good quality organza gift bag, we will share it with you next time.


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